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ba dak
ba dak
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Song List Edit

# Time Music Source Song Name Medley Arranger Audio Maker Visual Maker Reference
1 0:00 Shinryaku! Ika Musume OP Shinryaku no Susume laple (inqbs) Pac Man Y.Genbu (REMOVED)
2 0:21 Song by blarsa Garden Party laple (inqbs) MatrixMarioX DrunkyDarwin YouTube
3 0:43 Mighty Switch Force BGM Love You Love You Love laple (inqbs) Fotzu RedScreen YouTube
4 1:15 VVVVVV BGM Pushing Onwards laple (inqbs) 092288C 092288C YouTube
5 1:47 Song by Dead or Alive You Spin Me Right Round laple (inqbs) BaslesPad (Drums)

Guiz (Vocals)

6 2:18 beatmania IIDX 18 BGM by Cream Puff Mermaid Girl laple (inqbs) Fotzu (Vocals)

092288C (Drums)

CreamForce YouTubeVimeo
7 2:56 Song by DPRK Potato Pride Mescylinder (Beaker) Mesenghe TangenT YouTube
8 3:44 Song by Zedd Shave It Mescylinder (Beaker) KinkyOats King Harkinian YouTube
9 4:35 Song by Flying Steps We Gonna Rock It (Jetset Remix) Mescylinder (Beaker) KinkyOats Marlon YouTube
10 5:11 Kirby Triple Deluxe BGM Attack! (Boss Battle) Mescylinder (Beaker) Neavy Kontcha YouTube
11 6:04 Touhou Project BGM (Arrangement by Sawawa) Pettan Fire Mescylinder (Beaker) Neavy MowtenDoo YouTube
12 6:47 Touhou Project BGM (Arrangement by t+pazolite) luv the lunatic?? Mescylinder (Beaker) Kintama passantea YouTube
13 7:30 Tiger and I PV BGM Horang Pungryuga EpicFAIL MowtenDoo

MatrixMarioX (UTAU)


ba dak

14 8:37 Portal ED BGM Still Alive Kintama laple (inqbs) Pac Man

MatrixMarioX (UTAU)



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